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Why Africa is Home – Local Tourism ..

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Local Tourism is the first place to begin, even though I cover travel, have been overseas to many countries, there’s a powerful energy about South Africa, it’s not only my birth place it’s also our Heritage as South Africans, an incredible country with diversity, the most amazing artists, entrepreneurs.

Support local tourism, purchase local artworks, learn about your heritage.

South Africa has an abundant of fresh produce, friendly people, some of the best fusions of cuisines in the world, the best climate, the African sunset is beyond magical, it can’t compare to some of the sunsets elsewhere. The spirit of Ubuntu is present in some areas, the landscapes, the wildlife, and I could go on…

So many people are going into fear mindsets about the political stand, the crime, instead of looking at what we can do together to make it a better place, we can’t blame the governments or push blame, it really begins with us, you can’t keep a country clean if we keep littering and throwing cigarette butts on the floor waiting for someone to pick up after us, we need to be responsible for our actions, the food wastage, those who couldn’t care about saving lives and being on there phones while driving, our mindsets need to shift to a space where it benefits everyone, not putting anyone at risk.

We are surrounded with beauty, let’s take a step to being a good individual, being conscious of our actions.

Immigrating maybe great and workout for some, the reality is so many South Africans are returning after many years abroad.

How can we be the change, allow our Local Tourism to grow and allow fair jobs to all?

  • Be supportive don’t tear down people, don’t judge others for there choices.
  • Empower others through motivating and offering guidance, if you have a skill help someone, pay it forward.
  • Be positive and loving.
  • Don’t litter the streets, or the environment you live in.
  • Keep our country clean.
  • Respect and love towards others.
  • Be kind and Loving, it doesn’t cost anything.
  • Support local traders.
  • Buy local produce.
  • Travel locally we have so much to offer.
  • Sharing is caring, share with others if you can, as poverty is on the rise, do we really need all that clothing? Donate things you no longer require.
  • Acts of kindness towards others.
  • Be helpful, this doesn’t mean openly trust people, if doesn’t hurt to be helpful toward another.
  • Recycle where possible, live sustainably.
  • Support one another and uplift each other.

For more info click on this.

Ensure to visit the beautiful cities and towns around us, before we jet off to foreign land.

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