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What’s in your Travel suitcase this Winter?

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Winter is all about the layering, keeping germs at bay and boosting your immune system best you can! As you know winter isn’t my best season, as the allergies pay visits like clockwork, and the idea of hibernating like a couch potato, catching up on the latest series and movies has more appeal than leaving the comfort of my home.

We all enjoy traveling no matter the season, being prepared can be a time saver, knowing what to pack makes the task so much easier.

We all have those essential items we pack into our suitcases for our winter trips, some items we can’t imagine leaving without, what are those items for you?

Sharing some of my Essential items:

It can be challenging keeping away from germs, every door handle we touch, every elevator button we press, to every menu we pick up in a resturant, is very likely a germ zone, hand sanitizer is one of those items that you can pop into your handbag, suitcase and laptop bag, as well as having Dettol Hygiene wipes on hand can save you from contracting germs and prevent illness.

Some of my most trusted brands I love to travel with, Dermalogcia’s Skin Smoothing cream, it works on the most sensitive skins, hubby loves it too so I ensure I’m stocked up on this favorite, it keeps my ezecma at bay, Epimax lotion gives me the hydration I require without irritating my skin, the perfect winter fragrance is a must, essential oils, a great heel balm, Dove Deodorant, don’t forget your sunscreen, coconut oil doubles up as a natural sunscreen can be gentler on your skin, lip balm I carry at least 2 one in my handbag and in my travel bag, keep those winter lips at bay, Burt’s bees is an absolute favorite, as they have a range of lip tints, and bonus they 100% natural.

Pack In a good bottle of wine or two, as some places you travel to could be costly, and you have your own local favorites with you, nobody wants to hunt for a good bottle in the cold.

Snacks is a big one too, staying healthy is always a plus, maintaining good blood Sugar levels, it’s essential to pack in a few of your favorites, I have a few packets of seeds on the go.

Ensure to pack for the occasion, there’s no such thing as too many pairs of socks, warm pjs, and comfortable shoes, sneakers and boots, to keep you from braving the cold. Scarves and gloves can come in handy as well as that extra pashmina, ensure to pack in a few flu fighting items, like Strepsils, Corenza C, ensure you keep hydrated by drinking plenty of pure filtered water.

Be sure to pack your camera, chargers and spare plugs, to capture those fun travel moments.

Eyewear is important as we often underestimate the harsh winter sun, be sure to wear the correct sunglasses, these double up as a great fashion statement.

Travel safe this Winter and be sure to tag me on your travels, can’t wait to see what you get up to!

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