Wellness In The Workplace 

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Wellness all round is so important, how often do we pay attention to stress, bullies and criticism in the workplace, the long hours and the deadlines, you spend at least 9 hours a day in the office and another hour or two in traffic, here’s how to cope:

This is a topic that caught my attention, chatting to friends, family, clients who are experiencing negative encounters in the workplace, today I am sharing some tips on how to manage stress, stay healthy body and mind.

  • Excercise that suits you from walking to cardio, yoga, dancing.
  • Positive thinking – it all begins in the mind and the thoughts we think, when we feed an idea or thought, this is what grows and manifests. Awareness in your thinking can prevent ugly encounters.
  • Speak to someone – this can range from seeing your work counsellor or a friend.
  • Self love includes working on your self Image, self care.
  • Eat well – this affects our thoughts and affect our energy levels.
  • Write down your emotions and frustrations, burn the letters after and let go.
  • Embracing your creativity, we all have it in is believe it or not, creativity comes in many forms from writing, cooking, decorating, photography, painting.
  • Stand your ground and say no to bullying, this is very empowering to stand In your truth.
  • Set healthy boundaries with staff and coullegues, you there to work not be best friends, respect is important.

Taking care of yourself is important, self love and respect is all part of the package.
How do you take care of you? 

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  1. Charlene

    These words. Make so much sense after spending about a year with very negative pears all around me. Almost killed me emotionally and my self esteem.

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