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Visiting Voodoo Lily after a while it was certainly a breath of fresh air, as the revamp looks great and the look and feel is a warmer cosy vibe.

We had the pleasure of meeting Chef Josh, who has travelled extensively, has created his own style, his inspired by his visits through Europe, has had vast experience working on Yachts, Chef Josh has created some unique dishes, exclusively available at this establishment, my favorite has to be the Gnocchi Broccolini, this dish is exquisite! This dish is made up of a Pasta Gnocchi, Broccoli, Parmesan, garlic and a hint of chilli, it’s a comforting Italian dish that you can’t seem to have enough of!

Cocktails are made up in just minutes and served beautifully, a bonus is that they serve bio straws, or you may bring your own straw, whichever you prefer.

The Library is a perfect spot to swop books and enjoy the afternoon sun as you tuck into a book and enjoy a hearty meal. the concept is brilliant as it allow you to expand on your reading and keeps you returning for another book.

The Loaded Lakte is a winner a must try, a beautiful traditional Jewish inspired dish, made up of Potato, dill, creme fraiche, smoked salmon, or the cinnamon stewed apples, topped with mascarpone cheese.

Who can’t resist a satisfying Creme Brûlée, it’s one with a twist, as it contains Green tea, perfect to end off a meal.

Thank you for hosting us!

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