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Voco Hotel Rosebank

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Voco Hotel Rosebank, let me share my experience with you, hope you having a great start to your week, after a restful weekend I feel more present and ready for the week ahead, it’s easy to forget to take some time off taking a break from technology, sipping that cuppa coffee in what feels like slow motion, can do you a world of good, sleep in a few more hours, taking your vitamins, having that longer shower, leaving you feeling recharged and ready for connecting with those you love.

We visited the New Voco Hotel In Rosebank the very first of its kind in South Africa, Part of the ING group, they have a rewards programme you can sign up for to earn towards a free stay.


Proud Mary the restaurant on site the hotel.
One of the best Egg Shakshuka dishes I have had!

Voco Hotel opened its doors to the public on the 1st of February 2022, it’s a brand new space which was once a Bank, the rooms are spacious, the staff are very hands on with attention to detail, we had a mini tour of the various rooms they offer, they cater for those with disabilities, family rooms for those with kids a turndown service, valet parking, loved that you could walk from the Hotel to the mall, this space has huge potential with the Proud Coffee in the hotel, a must try with delicious sweet treats, I may have indulged a bit too much on the sweets.

Workshop 17 is a wonderful space to book your meetings next to the hotel, a space you can work in a safe environment. one of the many highlights of this experience is seeing local artists artworks showcased throughout the hotel, in the rooms and passages, each piece so unique.

Proud Coffee Cappuccino with almond milk

Check out my reel on Instagram the sneak peak of the hotel room, let me know your thoughts.

Mushroom and champagne risotto the image does not do justice to this dish.

Our dinner for 2 with a starter and drinks amounted to just over R600 which was rather affordable for this culinary experience, we love the restaurant tried different items on the Menu this time round, the kitchen is super efficient and you don’t wait long for your meals, an absolute bonus especially when the restaurant is busy.

Situated in the heart of Rosebank it’s easy to move around, a great location, be mindful of the roadworks and construction when heading out to this space, be patient it will be worth the experience.

What did I like: I can’t fault the experience minus the below about the construction, Would I return to the hotel… Yes they had memory foam Pillows available for us on request, it’s the only pillows my gentle neck can handle. I often rate a space on the Turndown, cleanliness, and attention to detail, it’s a win for me, the food was delicious the staff welcoming. There’s a gym on site so you can schedule your workout accordingly. A barber shop next to the hotel, providing Manis and pedis too. 

What I didn’t like: only one snag, our vehicle was parked underground from check in with a valet, it was then brought outside in the early morning due to construction, this was a little worrying as you know your vehicle is sitting right in front of a massive truck that’s smoking, they could have considered getting car covers to avoid the dust and possible damage and the entire car covered with dust and after a wash the day before, best to check if any construction is taking place.

Being a new space there is room for improvement with regards to the parking situation, which I’m sure they will look into, I don’t often get a good sleep in a different environment so a huge plus that I feel asleep easily. 

looking forward to hearing your experiences.


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