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Vegetarian – what to order at Arbour Cafe & Courtyard

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Hello my Lovelies, I often get asked to post more vegetarian eateries as well as vegetarian and vegan recipes, I’ve decided to share more of my journey of what I eat when out, as well as my personal favorites, be on the lookout for mouthwatering content.

Arbour cafe is a beautiful spot I have visited on many occasions, it was usually for the winning Crepes and a strong cuppa, since cutting down on the sweet tooth, I am exploring healthier options on the menu, see what I ordered below:

Green Gratitude, a freshly pressed juice, contains: apple, cucumber, kale, celery, lemon & Ginger, is delicious!

Caprese: fresh mozzarella layered with tomato and basil, a delicious starter if you love cheese!

Mains: Salad Grilled halloumi, Avocado, broccoli, roast Rosa tomatoes and cucumber, crunchy and delicious!

A cuppa to end of a scrumptious meal! Love the baristas unique designs on my cappuccino.

Beautiful views from the front of the Cafe, the indoor section the courtyard is beautiful, it’s where I prefer to sit in the open area.

Arbour cafe is situated in the Birdhaven area, a community restaurant, friendly staff and like minded people gather here, love this spot!

Wishing you a fantastic week ahead, would love to hear from you, comment, or message me.