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We often overlook our local attractions, incredible fusion of cultures and strive to travel far far away.

Local tourism is essential to learning the history, boosting our economy, the magical findings of various cultures. Every meal is different, song and dance for various celebrations! We live in a Diverse country filled with entrepreneurs and creatives that gift so much to us all.

Supporting local is very important to encourage one another to work on our creative gifts, the talented chefs, musicians, artists, writers, photographers, teachers, Designers, historical sites have so much to teach us, to allow us to grow and appreciate our inspirational country.

I moved up to Johannesburg over a decade ago, grew up in the beautiful Eastern Cape, where I learnt to speak a bit of Xhosa, Afrikaans, this expanded my knowledge through art and design studies as well as learning about various cultures. I haven’t regretted a moment from moving and learning so much from others, the kindness from others and the willingness to share, truly makes us a unique country!

Exploring different cities is so important, many of us are looking to travel, we rarely see the Gems right in front of us, supporting one another can only make us a stronger nation, a Nation that’s proud of its heritage.

I would love to encourage you all to visit a historical site, explore your local cities, cuisines, if you haven’t started at home you truly haven’t traveled!

Here’s to uplifting one another and learning through our love for learning and experiencing new cultures, cuisines, and languages!

Would love to hear from you, you welcome to comment below, let us know where you are from, what’s your latest local discovery.

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