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Travel – Port Elizabeth

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Hey Guys I know I have been MIA (missing in action) on the blog, have been rather busy with some creative projects, some exciting things are coming soon… so busy that the blog took a bit of a back seat, well I’m back and here to share some info about Port Elizabeth.

Flight time: Just an hour and 45 minutes from Johannesburg.

Growing up in Port Elizabeth wasn’t a walk in the park, it was challenging with so many closed minded individuals around, every creative idea seemed out of reach, fortunately my family are very open minded and supported the dream of growing out of that kind of thinking, I left the city over 12 years ago and moved to Johannesburg.

So you wondering why am I telling you about this little city, well this city has groomed me into the person I am, has many beautiful places, open spaces, family and the breathtaking Indian ocean.

The Ocean calls me every few years, and I go back to visit, reminisce, and create new memories.

Port Elizabeth also termed the Friendly City, does ring true and almost everyone is friendly and helpful, you can start up a conversation and it’s perfectly normal, unlike some other cities where people are more to themselves.

One of my favorite coffee spaces has to be Mastertons, situated in Walmer, that nostalgic scent of roasted coffee beans, a scent that was welcoming every time we drove through Central growing up.

A absolute must visit for lunch is Mellas, the mouthwatering Meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes, if you a fan of Asian cuisine, this is for you, generous portion sizes, flavorful meals keeps you returning for more!

Bocadillos is a great option for pasta, pizza, or that slice of indulgence that comes in the form of chocolate or carrot cake.

If you in the mood to take a drive, In food Bakery is a must for a scrumptious breakfast, situated 45 minutes from Port Elizabeth, forms part of the Eastern Cape, the scenery is magical and a drive that’s picturesque.

Drinks at the Bridge Street Brewery is a must, you bound to meet someone you know, great for pre drinks before dinner.

Chartroom is another winner, known for there famous view at the Harbor, now Situated in Baakens Valley next door to Bridge Street Breweries, perfect for Seafood, and Grills.

Visit the Beach as many times as you can, the Long Beach walks are tranquil and grounding.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you would love to see more of my travel adventures.

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