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Travel- how to apply for a Passport

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When I realized my Passport was expired I was thinking oh my goodness this is going to be such a process, finding a place to get photos taken, will there be enough parking, traffic, half the day off work.. and so the anxiety continued..

So I decided to go online to this site and mentally prepare myself for my visit to the local home affairs in Randburg.

There are 2 ways to apply for your passport either online or at the closest home affairs branch to you. The online process depends on your nearest bank, visit your bank and take your biometrics (fingerprints) you then return when your passport is ready to collect from the bank. Only certain bank branches offer this service, they are all on the online site.

I opted to go online fill in the application, quick and easy, basic information, till it got to the point where it didn’t accept payment, of which I needed to go into the local office 3.5 hours in line, I had met the most interesting people, the process in this time included 3 different areas to visit, each of us was given a number and the number is called out.

  • digital photos and biometrics (fingerprints) signature.
  • Online paperwork is done while you wait, all done digitally.
  • lastly payment and that’s it!

I received an sms less than a week later, indicating my passport is ready for collection! The Randburg office was awesome and the staff really made the experience bearable!

No need to take any photos as it’s all done digitally, this is a big plus, if only I knew that before.

Requirements for Passport:

  • Patience
  • Take time off work as home affairs opens at 8am the waiting lines begin at 6:30am. The process takes around 3.5 to 4 hours.
  • Id document
  • R400 cash or card both are accepted at home affairs.
  • Costs differ if you have lost your passport it’s double the rate.

Bonus passports are valid for 10 years till they expire.

Here’s to Adventure, Abundance of amazing travels!

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