The Importance of Eyewear

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80% of most of our lives involve some sort of blue light/device exposure. Blue light refers to high energy visible light that’s emitted from most of our smart devices I.e cellphones, laptops,tv’s. While many of us can’t reduce our screen time, blue blocking lenses can help reduce the damage to our eyes by filtering out harmful radiation whether you have a prescription or not.

I have been wearing glasses since I was 9 years old, it’s become more than a fashion accessory, or statement piece I wouldn’t live without. The correct prescription along with the best suited frame for your face, can really make you feel less self conscious.

The variety of frames are endless, from size to shape and colour, there’s a frame to suit every face shape.

It’s common practice to visit the optometrist once a year, if you struggle with blurry vision, chronic dry eyes, or Myopia, you are required to visit your optometrist more regularly. We often don’t realize how our health can affect our vision, from diabetes to Hormonal imbalance to name a few.

Finding an optometrist you are comfortable with is very important, I met Venetia and felt relaxed as she explained the severe dry eye symptoms I’ve been experiencing, it was getting to a point where I was attending events and my eyes started tearing for no reason, some thought I maybe crying, while holding a conversation about a topic that wasn’t even sad, this was concerning, with the correct eye drops I no longer have to feel self conscious about this anymore.

Eyeconic optometrists are based in Durban, the online store currently ships nationwide excl Gauteng.

I have teamed up with Eyeconic Optometrists to save you 15% off on any branded eyewear on there Eyeconic cafe online website. Allyou have to do to qualify is to add the key word “NEETA15” on the checkout of your order and you will get 15% off your purchase.

For those who reside in the Durban area when you purchase a pair of prescription glasses, you qualify for a free pair of Sunglasses, offer till the end of May.

Protect your vision and ensure to visit your Optometrist regularly for checkups. I will be sharing some information on Mypoia control in another post.

The world is a beautiful place, ensure you are able to see it clearly!

Neeta xxx

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