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The Art of Letting Go…

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As we reach the last couple of hours of the year that brought chaos, lessons, heartache, blessings this has us questioning whats next how can I possibly navigate the year ahead, well the first order of business is to learn the Art of Letting Go.

A friend inspired me to write this she knows who she is, thank you for being a sounding board, your love and guidance has given me the courage to write this and not be afraid to work through the emotions.

I was nudged to write this and share what I have experienced this year, that has been many copying my work and passing it off as there own, that brought up a lot of emotion in me, had me questioning all the hard work I was putting in was it worth it?

We carry all sorts of emotions and experiences and points of view around with us, we often rely on others to validate our choices and way forward, what happens when we get constant criticism and negative remarks along with judgments and how could you do this how could you do that etc, that’s just too much right?

We all have been triggered by a loved one a friend a colleague or someone, it maybe an issue of someone copying your work and taking credit for it and passing it off as there very own ideas, it could come in the form of control and being told how to do things, or it maybe holding onto old resentments of things we were told at some point and not trusting these people. It could be anything we holding onto including an experience from the past that we just haven’t wanted to address and allow ourselves to feel.

Here are a few tools for you to let go of unhealthy emotions or a situation you have to free yourself from:

  • Journal your thoughts and feelings this means putting pen to paper and allowing yourself to truly feel by writing it all out and then processing.
  • Talking to someone you can trust about what is going on to gain a different perspective.
  • Exercise this allows you to reflect and process and let out that energy in natural way.
  • Forgiving yourself, forgiving others and the situation that has brought pain, this doesn’t mean being buddy buddy with those who hurt you, it’s rather to set yourself free from the hurt.
  • Visualize the situation being healed and let it go with love through meditation and not focusing on it too much.
  • Try something creative to help you shift the energy, invest in a colouring in book, colour in, sit with a puzzle, draw, create or make something with your hands this is a big part of healing and letting go.
  • Let go of physical objects it’s a very freeing experience and you mostly feel lighter and good after donating items or letting it go.

Would love to hear your thoughts and if this post has helped you in any way let me know.

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