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Sustainable Gifting ideas this festive season

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It feels like the longest time I have been on here, and I haven’t been feeling that motivated to write in the past couple of weeks, I had to share these awesome way different ideas on Sustainable conscious gifting, what does this mean anyway?

Well it means you are choosing to purchase items that are recyclable or made sustainably, items that can be reused rather go with those as it’s a step closer to doing our bit, for the environment as well as supporting locally sourced goods.

This is one of my favorites and a new carton packaging for Coffee fans, and it’s sustainable as well as first of its kind globally and it’s available right here in South Africa. To order online visit there website:


Massage, self care spa vouchers are a great way to spoil the ones we love, this doesn’t have to be used immediately and this way they can booked when needed.

Beautiful 2021 planners are available online, supporting local is incredibly powerful to uplift our communities and keep the creatives creating more artworks.

To shop click on Askashe

Love these Bamboo cups from First for Earth, one step closer to ethically shopping for your take away tea or coffee, reusable, makes a stunning gift that’s affordable.


A great idea is to give someone the gift of a juice cleanse, juices are perfect for this warmer weather a chance to take the step towards a healthier lifestyle, Delivered to your door, a brand I have tried and love, a brand that’s sustainable recycling the bottles are easy.


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