Sugar Addiction Part 3

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Detoxing from sugar isn’t an easy task, it doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore!

Emotional eating plays a big role in our eating habits, whether you had a tough day at work or with friends or family, comfort is found in breads and cakes, all the high sugary comfort foods.

The most powerful tools I have learnt in the past 8 years, this happened after I moved away from home to Johannesburg, my nutrition module I studied in aesthetics now started making a lot of sense, I share my personal tips here’s how:

  1. Meditate, this allows your mind to become strong and more focused on a balanced way of thinking, or find something that calms your mind like colouring in, painting, anything creative works well.
  2. Drink lots of water as we mistake this for being hungry, eat only when hungry.
  3. Keep healthy snacks in your cupboards.
  4. Get into the habit of making salads daily in summer, make extra for lunch.
  5. Juicing is a great way to detox and keeps you full for long.
  6. Sleep and excercise regularly this allows your system to reset, recharge.
  7. Keep a food diary, make notes of which foods agree with you and those that create discomfort in your body.
  8. Visit a qualified nutritionist.
  9. Fasting occasionally is also a great way to detox, try a 3 day fast with juicing.
  10. A Positive attitude and self love is equally important, love your body, love yourself, being mindfull of what you are putting into your body makes the difference.
  11. Work through trauma and emotions if this is holding you back and not replacing love by eating sugary foods.

Each of us are unique and certain things may work better for some, find what works for you and stick to it, you learn a lot knowing what your body needs, all you have to do is pay attention to your loving self.

You are amazing and can do without the sugar addiction, stay strong, willpower and a healthy mindset will get you there. ❤️
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