Spring Detox

The season has changed, it’s a great time to reset and recharge our energy levels.

It’s been a couple of days without alcohol and cutting down on fatty foods, it can be daunting to change habits and reset, it’s so worth it! Would love to share a recipe for a Healthy detox drink, which you can customize.

Detox ice tea:

Rooibos tea bags



Fresh fruit

Sugar free, Freshpack rooibos tea bags in flavored variants, a firm favorite is the vanilla and strawberry as well as the watermelon tea.

3 tea bags placed in a metal jug with boiling water.

Rest this to cool for a few hours, once cool, add ice and your fruits of choice.

Slice some fresh fruits strawberries, oranges, mint leaves, lemon slices.

Sip on this throughout the day, you can make at least 2 tall glasses or serve in glass bottles. This is refreshing and hydrating, it’s sugar free and keeps you healthy, as you gently detox.

Love your body and it will love you!

Would love to hear your detox routines.

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