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Self Love, Self Care what is it really?

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Self love and self care is seen as various different things, to each of us, what is it really?

It may mean different ways of taking care of ourselves, learning how to take care of others and ourselves around others too.

Some of us define self love as taking selfies, and those reading this will say I love myself, what is she on about. Read further…

Self love is built up through the ability to love and fully accept yourself unconditionally, to embrace all your flaws and perfections, all parts of yourself, your make up isn’t the make up we wear ladies, instead our personality and every aspect of it, from the moody phases, to the reactive sides as well as the loving aspects of ourselves.

When we can truly love all parts of our personality, we can truly say we love and accept all parts of ourselves!

It’s taken me a long time to get to a point where it was comfortable to love all areas of me physically, emotionally and personality wise, each of us is made up of so many intricate complexities, it’s a wonderful feeling to truly embrace it.

Some tips on how to work on self love & self care.

  • Say your Daily affirmations
  • Take care of your body, eat as healthy as you can.
  • Take a long soak in the tub, or a relaxing shower.
  • Nourish your skin, moisturize your body.
  • Hydrate, drink plenty of pure water.
  • Exercise, this can include gym, walking, running, cycling, a form of movement that resonates with you.
  • Take time out for yourself and learn to spend some time in your own company, meditation and self reflection are powerful tools.
  • Don’t allow anyone to bring you down, self love, self care means stepping into your power and saying no sometimes.
  • Read uplifting inspirational books.
  • Learn to not take yourself too seriously, it’s alright to laugh knowing you are doing your best.
  • How do you express your self love?
  • Some say with age comes wisdom, life lessons and your attitude to life!

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