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a slip or blunder in etiquette, manners, or conduct; an embarrassing social blunder or indiscretion. Origin of faux pas. 

Foodies we all have had our fair share of blunders, at Restuarants. here’s my personal experience on Faux Pas. 

This can make or break an Experience:

  • Dirty (soiled) napkins, and cutlery.
  • Chipped cutlery.
  • When celebrating a special occasion, not recieving a small gesture from the Restuarant, even when mentioning the occasion upon booking. It’s the thought that counts, especially if you are spending a large amount.
  • Overcharging, this seems to be the order of the day! Be wary when you are advised to order something that’s not on the menu, you are not told the price beforehand.
  • Music is key to any dinning experience, without it is rather uncomfortable.
  • Receiving the wrong plate of food, your dietary requirements not taken into consideration.
  • No sweets when paying the bill, this is a big one for me! Then don’t overcharge for meals!
  • Servers who try to persuade you into ordering, what they have been instructed to tell you to order.
  • The worst is when staff try, to evesdrop on your conversations, this ruins the privacy of your meal.
  • Respect is key, if there’s a complaint with your food, be it cold or the wrong order, it’s not ok to have staff or owners raising there voice at you.

Rant over!

Then there are some really great Restuarants, out there that get it right almost everytime! Thank you for always going the extra mile.

As a consumer you have every right, to mention if a service is not up to scratch, too many are afraid to speak up, you are paying for the service it’s not free! Rant and complain within reason of course.

I would love to hear your blunders, comment on the post below or contact, me via mail.

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  1. janthinus

    My personal favourite is when a restaurant’s card facilities are not working and you are stuck with a bill and in my case, had to drive to go draw cash at the ATM to pay for me and my guests. That was a bit embarrassing. I did return to the restaurant though and they apologised profusely and I have dined there again a few times.

    1. NeetaR

      Oh yes that’s happened before! It’s important how the Resturant responds to this. Glad you went back for some more dinning experiences.

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