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Restoring balance – Back to Basics

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Gosh where do I begin, this is a post I have been wanting to write for 4 days now, I wasn’t focused enough to sit and allow it to flow, after meditating regularly during the lockdown some days twice a day, getting caught up in watching videos and getting sucked into what seems like a vortex of do something now you not doing enough, and the level of guilt I felt that I’m not giving enough to others, I’m just exhausted of all the stuff out there, I no longer watch the news or follow mainstream media, I do watch videos on various topics, which I have decided to no longer engage in, the reason simply is it’s a waste of time, it’s great for awareness, to educate ourselves, the trick is not to get sucked into any of it, as it can consume you!

We only have control over so much and wasting precious time on some things is no longer a reality I want to be a part of, I spent most of the day in the garden with my hubby and it was the most liberating space to be connecting to nature, grounding energy and barefoot on the sand.

Pictured: Beautiful basil from our garden.

We started chatting about creating new projects not just garden ones, how we can in fact earn an income through various streams, create new ways of caring for our environment, how we can be there for others.

Sharing some ideas of how we can go back to basics:

  • Plant a community garden and share your herbs, veggies or you could possibly sell some of your fresh produce to friends and family in your area.
  • Support small local business, this could be from food, clothing, services. It makes sense to support and buy only local and sustainable products as it supports communities and families.
  • Spending less time on our devices, go outside and take breaks during work and allow yourself to disconnect from the frequency your device emits.
  • Try switching your devices and routers off when going to bed and placing your phone away from you, this will avoid disruption in sleep patterns.
  • Recycle glass and use what you can within reason, jam jars after use are perfect to wash out and store spices or grains.
  • Reduce your use on one use plastics.
  • If you have a skill that someone could benefit from and they can’t afford to pay you swop or trade skills or services. This could be a dressmaker offering to sew something for you and you are able to provide fresh produce. The are endless ways to do this, you both have to determine the value makes sense to both parties, this system could work.
  • Using skincare products that are natural, organic and cruelty free.
  • Try making some homemade remedies to treat yourself for those self care days, natural skincare scrubs to essential oil body butters.
  • Drinking pure clean water to stay hydrated, lessening the amount of fizzy sugary drinks.
  • Meditation and time out on the grass or sand to rebalance energies.
  • Setting the intention to bless your food before you eat it.
  • Supporting businesses that you align with. If it doesn’t feel right energetically don’t support it.
  • Yoga stretching and walking or any exercise you resonate with, balances your energies and movement creates motivation.
  • Creating and nurturing healthy friendships, listening to others and showing up for those you care about.
  • Spending more time reading inspirational books, sleeping enough, bask in the sun, and focusing on a living more of a connected to self kind of life.
  • Create your own meals that are healthy and resonate with your dietary requirements, you maybe called to change the way you eat, by becoming more vegetarian or vegan.
  • Being aware of what you purchase, only buy what you require avoid wasting your resources purchasing heaps of clothing only for it to end up in the back of your cupboard.
  • Kindness goes a long way, sharing some of what you have with those who don’t have is vital, be wary of scams that collect money and you don’t know where it’s going, become aware of who you support.
  • Living a life that’s less material oriented, taking care of what you have instead of chasing things.
  • Learning to enjoy the simple things in life, showing gratitude for all you have.

Hope this gives you some insight on how we can make small changes towards going back to a simpler way of living and being.

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  1. Amanda

    So well said Neeta and really valuable information for living a better life for yourself as well as the world, thanks for sharing with us! Amanda xx

    1. NeetaR

      Thank you for taking the time to read this.

      1. Amanda

        Of course, was a lovely read! Whatever you put your energy into is definitely worth the read 🙂

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