Respecting yourself & others 

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We live in a society that’s judgemental and restricted, with challenges and obstacles, it’s easier to find something or someone to blame for the sitauations we find ourselves in.

We blame others based on there nationality, there habits, there faith and sometimes we dislike how successful some people are! There’s still no justification to be Disrespectful of others on any level! 

This topic is a rather personal one for many, we are all entitled to our opinion as long as it’s loving and respectful to ourselves and others.

here’s some great tips to maintaining Respect for yourself as well as others:

  • Listen to others, learn to be an observer
  • Keep your ego out of it
  • Be reasonable 
  • Compromise is important 
  • Treat all equally 
  • Be empathetic 
  • Don’t judge others 
  • Be kind 
  • We all learning, we grow as we support others in there journey 
  • We all make mistakes forgive 
  • Love yourself!

Respect is powerful! more powerful when we know how to Respect ourselves as well as others.

Once we allow ourselves to be respected be it at home, the workplace or social circles, we learn to value ourselves and self-love is achieved!

You don’t ever have to put up with anyone who’s disrepectful! Stand your ground and cut ties with those who don’t value you or your presence.

Have a magical week ahead!

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    1. NeetaR

      Yes not always easy, observing is the way to go.

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