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Random Acts of Kindness 

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We live in a world of disconnect, where technology consumes us to an extent of being cut off from our surroundings.

5 tips on paying it forward through kindness:

1. Acts of service come from the heart, when giving of yourself don’t think about how it will benefit you, rather how you can make someone happy or be helpful to someone, assist an elderly person crossing the road or carrying parcels, or assisting them if they can’t read something.

2. Do something special for a Neighbour, a friend or family member, this can be anything from taking over some baked goods or a friendly chat.

3. Offer to pay for someone’s parking ticket, or write a note of appreciation and randomly place it on someone’s car window.

4. Volunteer to visit a home for the aged, or children’s homes, bring smiles to there faces by taking time to chat to them.

5. Offering your time to a charity or someone who could benefit from a skill you may be able to share freely with them at no cost. 

If someone has shared, taught, gifted you with skills or gifts, it’s now time to pay it forward and do a good deed towards another. 

Have you performed any acts of kindness? 

What would you do to pay it forward?

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