Raising the Vibration of a Nation 

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This is a rather serious week, Negativity and how to manage it, a topic many refuse to engage in. This post may come across rather philosophical. 

It’s easy to loose hope in times like these, almost every second household thinks leaving our beautiful country is the answer?

Some thoughts and ideas on how to improve mindsets, raise consciousness, support and nuture one another, in order to prevent crime, sadness and depression we maybe feeling financially, emotionally on all levels.

Some ideas on Raising the Vibration:

  • Share positive news with others.
  • Avoid gossip there are way too many negative, sad persons out there, no need to contribute to it.
  • Uplift and motivate others.
  • Focus on what you would like to attract.
  • Energy flows to wherever your focus is.
  • Be mindful of how we treat others.
  • Share, teach, empower, it’s important to pay it forward.
  • Work for your desires and goals.
  • Keep a journal, let go of anger, jealously, move into the mindset of abundance.
  • Be aware at all times.
  • Thoughts create our reality, careful what you focus on.
  • Protect your energy.
  • Cut down on watching the news and readings sensitive upsetting content.
  • Pray and have courage.
  • Become supportive to all you are close to, be honest and genuine in your Intentions.
  • Believe in your country.

Mindset is the most important! Do not indulge in the low energy and negativity so many are choosing to engage with. Be the change!
Kindly share your comments with me to add to this.

 the more awareness and love we create, less room there is for Fear and Darkness.

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