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Praveena Boodhoo an energetic free spirited woman, with so much knowledge to share, what a pleasure meeting up with her!

Praveena’s Brand Pathway to Nirvana, the inspiration is certainly in the meaning – Nirvana – a state of perfect happiness, harmony and freedom.

Praveena is certified in the following modalities – massage therapy , Reiki Master, Shamanism and a combination of Body, Mind and Soul alternate healing including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She is affliated with the National Healers Association, by recently acquiring her certification.

Praveena has travelled to some amazing destinations, such as Ancient Egypt, Ireland, Majestic India, Singapore, Kuala Lampur and Mauritius in search of Spiritual Awakening.

One of her unique treatment offerings are the Signature Ancient Indian Shirodhara Massages. In Sanskrit the term Shiro, meaning head, and dhara, meaning to flow. It is a signature treatment due to the energetic therapy she has incorporated into the traditional Shirodhara massage.  This massage involves the warm consistent flow of aromatic oils on the forehead, promoting a deep relaxation and calming over the energy center of the brow chakra.

Shirodhara benefits:

· Relieves stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia

· Helps mental focus and concentration

· Improves the sensitivity of five senses

· Reduces and relieves migraine headaches

· Decreases hair loss and fatigue and makes one calm and refreshed

· Increases spiritual awareness

· Improves sleep patterns

· Releases negative emotions

· Improves mental focus and concentration.

2016 Year End Workshops offered by Pathway to Nirvana:


December 2016 – Releasing old patterns, behaviour and taught patterns around your intentions for 2017, making room for the new.

January 2017 – Anchor your birth right of health, success, happiness, prosperity and abundance via your intentions, PLANT THE SEED ONE ON ONE 90 MINUTES SESSION
Our destiny is shaped by the deepest level of our intention and desire.

Benefits of this powerful workshop:

  • A healthy body, success on ALL levels and prosperity is your birth right and you hold the key.
  • Success, prosperity and manifestation are all energy, learn to work with it.

Bring this year to a close, in a ceremonial way via a two part one on one fire ritual. Throughout the ceremony sacred mantras and chants will be used. It is a combination of Shamanic, Irish, Egyptian and Hindu techniques.

A follow up to the ceremony needs to be booked in January 2017. This will enable you to anchor your intent for the 2017 year ahead.

Praveena firmly believes in living life Authentically! that’s the magical part of honoring oneself.

To experience balance and a state of wellbeing, contact Praveena for a booking, she is situated in Alberton, Johannesburg. And offers a variety of holistic treatments.

  • For bookings contact Praveena :
  • 0726225366

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