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Living with Endometriosis

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It’s almost the end of another year, as we are purging 2019 we are evolving into new versions of ourselves as the journey we call life takes us on twists and turns, today I had the courage to speak out about an illness I have been living with for over 15 years, sharing some insight to living with Endometriosis, feel free to comment and share your comments below.

As I write this currently no cure for Endometriosis, there are a few pharmaceutical drugs on the market, sadly no cure, rather a suppression of the disease than a cure.

  • Endometriosis can cause infertility.
  • Endometriosis causes severe pain, mainly in the abdominal and back area.
  • Surgery is the only way to remove the fibroids and endometrial tissue which cling to organs, this tissue can be found on the bladder, kidneys, lungs, can cause excruciating pain.
  • In severe cases Fatigue is a common symptom.
  • Nausea and cramping is a common symptom.
  • Weigh gain.
  • Scans currently can’t pickup endometriosis only surgery can.

Some of the things I was told by family and friends who didn’t know much about the illness:

  • Nobody will marry you.
  • You most likely can’t have children how are you going to be happy without children.
  • You going to put on so much weight.
  • Your skin is going to breakout.
  • You never going to be happy, you always in hospital and so sickly.
  • These are some of the many statements made by others I had to endure, it’s taken a long time to have the courage to openly voice this, the reason I’m sharing this very vulnerable part of my journey to help you understand you are not any less of a women, nothing is wrong with you, you can rise above this, the illness doesn’t define you or what you wish to achieve.
  • Tips on coping with Endometriosis:

    • Take a good quality anti inflammatory only if needed.
    • Eat gmo free organic foods without chemicals.
    • Try alternative medicine to treat the symptoms.
    • Change your diet and see what brings more ease, less dairy and wheat.
    • Drink plenty of clean purified water.
    • Make healthier dietary choices where possible.
    • Limit alcohol.
    • Journal often this will help you on the challenging overwhelming days.
    • Exercise regularly, at least 4 times a week.
    • Maintain a positive attitude.
    • Keep a heated bean bag handy.
    • Soak in an Epsom salt bath, this relax the muscles.
    • Keep healthy snacks when your sugar cravings hit.
    • Avoid sugary fizzy drinks.
    • Keep warm and take time to rest it’s vital!
    • Take time to reflect on what you are feeling.
    • Join a support group or seek counseling this helps as a coping mechanism.
    • Meditation does wonders.
    • Supportive friends and family to help you on the days you can’t function fully.

    Hormonal changes occur and this could make one more sensitive, as well as depressed, it’s normal, it’s important to respect the person if they say they can’t go out, there’s very likely a good reason they can’t join you, they maybe in pain, or not feel comfortable due to the heavy bleeding and nausea they maybe feeling, they may not have the energy to function as freely on some days and may need more rest on those days, be supportive.

    Hope this helps you in someway, if you know someone who suffers with Endometriosis, be kind and supportive towards them, being compassionate and understanding is key.

    You can still maintain a healthy lifestyle and work around the challenging days.

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