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Living and Coping with Anxiety

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Living and coping with Anxiety is no walk in the park, often persons misunderstand the way you feel, or think you are making excuses not to show up and attend an event or family function or social gathering, the reality is putting yourself in a space that Triggers you can be more harmful and damaging, trust me I would know….  

Growing up in a community that was very small minded meant that talking about Anxiety and your Emotions was not accepted, so many times I have had persons tell me: Get over it, move on, you too paranoid, the list goes on, the most common phrase I was told is your too Sensitive.

My Journey with Anxiety began at an early age and so many triggers along the way made it challenging to Cope.

Being Sensitive is powerful, its means you have the ability to be Empathetic and be connected to your emotions, feel deeply.

When others don’t understand what you are experiencing or the way certain events can Trigger the pain and the moments of re-living a Traumatic life event, its rather difficult to explain, if you have never struggled with Anxiety or know someone who does, educate yourself and learn how you can be there for them.

Being there for someone who lives with Anxiety is no easy task, its takes patience and a lot of understanding the Triggers and creating a Safe Space for the person you Care about, do your research and learn how to show up for those who live through this condition, the constant love and support you offer makes a difference.

Therapy has its place and a wonderful tool to express your thoughts and feelings, remember you are not weak to ask for help, personally Therapy has assisted me on this journey, I am truly grateful for the challenging days I dug deeper into the process.

Journaling has provided an ongoing coping tool for me to continue to Heal.

There are many holistic forms of Healing too, I have explored these, Studied a few healing courses along the way, find the practice that works for you, the natural alternative healing process can be beneficial, its all about your approach towards healing, Mental wellbeing is becoming a focus we can no longer ignore or push away, rather embracing healthy coping mechanisms.


Moments of reflection


A few ways to cope with Anxiety:

  • Focus on taking a few deep breaths, visualizing a calm setting.
  • Have a playlist ready to listen to with music that allows you to feel connected to yourself.
  • Create a Safe word with persons you are with if you have to get out of a space and are feeling a panic attack coming on.
  • Journal to work through the triggers that come up when you begin to feel anxious.
  • Movement – take a walk if you can, go outside sit in nature, focus on your breathing.
  • Keep hydrated, reduce your intake of Stimulants, less Coffee, sugary drinks.
  • Take breaks from Social media, spend less time aimlessly scrolling online.
  • Talk to someone you trust.
  • Find a calm space in your home to process and allow yourself to gather your thoughts.
  • Be mindful of the types of movies, news you watch.
  • Eat healthy if you are able to, fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Create healthy Boundaries, if you are not comfortable attending an event, or doing something you are not comfortable, don’t attend.
  • Surround yourself with supportive people, who are there to listen and be there for you.
  • Affirmations are wonderful to keep focused.
  • Join an online support group.

Focus on yourself, remember to put yourself first, we often neglect the way we feel and ignore the Triggers, its important to work through the triggers in order to to feel more relaxed, avoid being hard on yourself.

I would love to hear from you, know that you are never alone, there are many amazing likeminded persons out there, reach out and connect with me on the Socials or leave a comment below if you resonate with this post.

Looking forward to sharing more of my Journey with you and being a part of your journey.




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