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LG Smart Inverter – Washing Machine

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LG is always at the forefront of innovation and is constantly developing new products.

LG has a range of washing machines with innovative features, I got to try out the LG Smart Inverter Top Loader model, these where my findings:

  • Energy saving
  • Better washing
  • Durability

Saving up to 36% on energy, this is a recommended purchase.

  • True balance reduces noise
  • Energy saving controlling energy use
  • Smart motion – 3 various motions created for optimized washing fabrics
  • Turbo Drum – enables a powerful wash, removing tough dirt through strong water stream of rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite direction.
    • Available in various colours. Silver is my colour so it was a natural choice of colour for me.

      LG Smart Inverter is available in the various specs:

      • 13kg
      • 15kg
      • 17kg

      A machine every household should not be without.

      My clothing was lint free, saved energy as well as electricity, this is a bonus!

      For more information on LG Products check out the website.

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