Law of Attraction

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Law of attraction is something we may have heard of, how many of us implement this in our daily living? Or more important can we live by this?

How to let go of things that no longer serve us?

We are constantly faced with challenges in our daily living, many times we meet people who reflect something we maybe facing at that moment in time.

Law of attraction is a way of life, it changes your perception, it’s a very simple way of living, and that is simply what you put out there is what you attract. What you gift is what you receive.

When we allow ourselves to gift to others, with good intention not for the sake of, we grow and attract new opportunities for us, or new doors open.

Decluttering our lives come in many forms, here are some tips I live by:

  • Clean your cupboards often, donate things you haven’t used or sell items you not going to use.
  • Donate old magazines to schools or someone who would benefit from using them.
  • If you have associates or friends that are toxic, it’s alright to let them go, this will allow the right connections to come to you.
  • The thoughts you think are very powerful, be careful what you think, this is always creating your reality.
  • Thinking thoughts and speaking them out aloud, as well as acting out on them all carry the same energy frequency.

How do I focus on attracting new opportunities and greatness in my life:

  • Think positive loving thoughts about yourself and others.
  • Create a vision board with all your desires.
  • Look at how you can be of service to others, this doesn’t mean how to allow others to take advantage. Boundaries are important too.
  • Smile and laugh more.
  • Work towards changing your mindset.

Something to keep in mind is when you discredit another individual for whatever reason, be it jealously, insecurity, or something they may have done to you, you are then attracting that energy back into your space. This lowers your energy to that level.

It’s important not to gossip or discredit others karma has a way of catching up, even if it’s not immediately. This is something I have seen over and over again, it pretty much works like clockwork!

Surround yourself with persons who have the same goal you have, you can feel if someone’s intentions are good or not, it’s important to associate with persons who align with you and your path.

Let me know if you would love me to share more on these topics.

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