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Without Fragrance life wouldn’t be exciting! I had the honour of meeting with Joburgs finest lady, Liz Ferret known as the Fragrance Queen.

Liz shares her Wisdom, great pointers to choosing a Fragrance in this beautiful interview. 

1: How did your journey with fragrance begin? 

I started working in the industry many years ago in my late 20’s. I worked for ADF which is Aramis & Designer fragrances, then joined Estee Lauder as sales manager. 

I joined Clarins, Thierry Mugler & Azzaro as a sales director & joined Stuttafords as a marketing & cosmetics executive. After taking early retirement I decided to follow my passion which is fragrance, I often give journey talks to groups of woman & men. 

2: Do fragrances inspire you?

Yes fragrance does inspire me, it’s such a pick me up & I would never leave the house without fragrance. I feel undressed if I on occasion forget to spray a fragrance. There are so many fragrances available today that its really important to have more than 1 fragrance to choose from depending on your mood, the clothing you wear, the weather & the occasion. 

3: Share some tips with our readers on how to buy the right fragrance suited to them? 

Fragrance is really personal & the 1st tip is never to buy a fragrance that smells good on someone else. Everyone has their own style & must choose fragrance to suit themselves. 

  • My suggestion is to always get to know the fragrance families so that when you are looking for a new fragrance you are able to speak & obtain suggestions from the sales consultant. 
  • Keep your fragrance out of direct sunlight & not in the bathroom this is due to temperature changes. 
  • Don’t rub you wrists together after spraying fragrances as it crushes the scent. 

4: kindly share some inspiration with us.  

I asked the Stuttafords digital guy to set me up on twitter & when he brought my phone back to me he told me decided to call my fragrance Queen as I adore fragrances so much. I worked in the industry for many years & then decided that I had so much knowledge that I want to share with both men & women. I am very passionate about beautiful scents & how I feel when wearing a fabulous perfume. My biggest highlight while working in the industry is meeting Estee Lauder at Sacks 5th Ave for the launch of Knowing,  the scent I still wear & love. The model for the launch was Paulina Parizkova I met her at the launch, she went on to become an actor & author. I must say that Estee Lauder in my opinion is the best company to learn about beauty & fragrance. I also had the privilege of meeting  Christian Courtin-Clarins the son of the founder of the Clarins brand, what humble beautiful man. My entire experience in the beauty & fragrance business can only be described as extraordinary like a love affair which has never left me. I learnt from so many amazing people through my working life which made me who I am today. 

5: share something with our readers nobody knows about you. 

I was born in Pretoria & my parents moved to Durban when I was very young.

I am happy to say that I have a fabulous husband & we have been together for 21 years now & I have 2 wonderful step kids who I adore & am glad to say love me back. 

I am passionate about music from the golden oldies to the latest hits. I go to many concerts much to my hubbies dismay so he only joins me at a few of them.

 I had to ask Liz, for her top 3 Fragrances, she is wearing this season: 
· Boss The Scent for Her EDP

· Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Floral Shock EDP

· Lacoste Pour Magnetic EDP

This is a truly wise and inspirational Lady, it’s been a pleasure interviewing her, looking forward to sharing more articles on the lastest fragrances. 

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