Innovation VS  Plagiarism

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Every day we are faced with information that’s fed to us through media, corporate as well as through friends and family.

Innovation is something South Africa can be proud of, we have the most creative mindsets in our country with the most amazing ideas, there’s no need to plagiarize as we have so many ideas that are original.

Plagiarism is becoming rife, this is coming through in various industries, how do we remain innovative in such times:


  • Allow your ideas to flow, remain as original as possible.
  • Create without feeling you maybe judged on your work.
  • The more you express you creativity, the chances are the more innovative you will become.
  • Keep a notebook, journal ideas, make sketches.
  • Reading opens up your mindset, this allows your creativity to flourish.
  • Research is important to maintain the most  original ideas.

There’s no need to copy anything or anyone, use your creative energy to innovate originality.

If you would like to use someone’s words or quote a passage from a book, there’s always a way to include the author this way you are not plagiarizing.

Here’s to a more innovative mindset, this breeds Authenticity!

How original are you in your creations?

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