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Imagine Relocating to London?

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As South Africans we share a unique heritage, as we live in a diverse country, we live amongst creatives, entrepreneurs, talented artists, leaders. we are Proudly South African, a term you will hear often from the patriotic residents.

Would you consider leaving South Africa? Be it for a different opportunity, a chance to travel and explore new places?

Heritage month marks a very special time as the sun is out and it’s spring in South Africa as of the 1st of September, it’s a festive time for my friends and family, every year we ensure we are out at a picnic, Braai or plan an outdoor activity, as the weather is warming up and the weekends are busier visiting each other, blooms are blooming beautiful this time of year.

If I had to relocate I would miss..

  • Weather conditions is one of the biggest ones for me, I love the African sunshine, warm weather.
  • The majestic wildlife unique to South Africa
  • Would miss the convenience of purchasing from street vendors, let’s face it we forget our chargers or plugs from time to time.
  • The Port Elizabeth Beach front, the beach has the most beautiful sand, warm Indian Ocean.
  • Space, lots of space as I get claustrophobic easily.
  • I’m a hugger and love how we just hug one another, it comes naturally to us.
  • Peppermint crisp, simba chips and my mom’s food.

Imagine relocating to London, what would you miss the most about South Africa? Share your thoughts with me, in the comments or on my social media posts.

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Are you visiting family and friends, or would love to be a tourist, or you have decided you going to immigrate.

I teamed up to collaborate with Travelstart, to do some research, would love to hear from you.



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  1. Shelley

    I think I would miss all the space we have, cream soda and being able to drive just 20 mins from my house to go mountain biking.

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