How to Survive the Silly Season

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We are at the busiest times of the year, it’s Christmas Eve, families and friends are getting together tensions are high, it’s been a long year, and the indulging with eating and drinking is kicking in, how do we balance our emotions and keep healthy space from one another, and take care of ourselves and loved ones, here’s how:

  • No drinking and driving.
  • No driving and texting.
  • Spend time with family, take turns to entertain different groups if some groups don’t get along.
  • Keep hydrated, drink plenty of water between fizzy drinks and sweet indulgences.
  • Wear your sunscreen, and hats to protect your skin.
  • Only purchase things you need, don’t overspend only to regret it later.
  • Put together a fun playlist to listen to when driving or traveling, this will keep you in good spirits.
  • Remember it’s an emotional time for many of us, as we remember lost loved ones, it’s important to be kind and mindful of others.
  • Drive safely we all deserve to get to our destinations safely.

Most of all love one another and be respectful and patient with one another.

Have a beautiful festive season, thank you for reading my posts and supporting the blog, wishing you a wonderful year ahead, watch out for some exiting posts in the new year.

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