How to Survive Lockdown in South Africa

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What a time to be alive! A president who truly cares for his people had to make some difficult decisions over the past week, as South Africans this is another historic moment to witness, Keeping calm and focused on our loved ones is essential at this time.

21 days is a powerful number to break a habit or change the way we would do things. So we have these 21 days starting 26 March – 16 April to effect the change, here are a few tips to keep busy at home.

  • Tap into your creative energy and begin colouring in, drawing, painting.
  • Journaling is a wonderful way to express yourself, a great tool to process your emotions, who knows you may publish your very first book.
  • Watch series and movies that are uplifting and positive, it’s important to keep your energy up and be mindful of what you watching.
  • Plant your own herb garden, if you keen on a challenge try planting veggies.
  • Clean out those cupboards you have been meaning to get to and never had the time.
  • Keep in touch with friends and family through video call and texts, uplift there spirits, it’s important to check in on each other.
  • Light a candle, focus on positive thinking, meditate, pray, spend time reflecting, the quiet time can spark creative ideas for new projects in future.
  • Keep moving, movement is important, you can practice the art of yoga at home, google a few workout videos that you can do for yourself and your kids.
  • Play board games, create your own fun activities.
  • Freeze your gym membership to save some rands.
  • Be mindful of what you eat, too much junk food will leave you feeling restless and anxious, try eating better, add fruits and veggies to your diet.
  • Positive self talk, affirmations are a great way to stay calm and redirect your energy and focus.
  • Be kind to everyone, we all in this together, we all will survive this together.
  • It’s a great time to save your energy, be mindful on spending your money, don’t panic and buy all the food you can, buy only what you require.
  • Keep practicing good hygiene, self care is vital.
  • Curb your spending, save and purchase only what you need, else you will accumulate and may end up cluttering your space.
  • Use this time to reconnect with self, enjoy your own company.
  • Create a vision board of all the things you wish to do in future.
  • Keep your home clean, clean your surfaces well, includes door handles, light switches, floors, as this is your sanctuary for the next 3 weeks.
  • Keep an open heart and a positive attitude, for this will pass.

Sending you all loads of love and blessing!

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