How to survive Load Shedding….

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It’s really a tough time for us as South Africans to endure this painful exercise In 2019! No power for hours on end, on a daily basis, on some level I feel like no party deserves our vote, will this get the attention of government?

It’s hard to prepare when most load shedding schedules aren’t accurate in most areas, and on the odd occasion they are, so how do we survive this madness, I share some tips on how we cope below:

Positive Attitude is essential with getting through this! May sound odd trust me it’s the only way to stay sane!

  • Stock up on dry ingredients that don’t require refrigeration.
  • Seeds, fruits on hand when there isn’t power.
  • Make a bowl of popcorn and store it in airtight containers, a healthy snack on hand especially for those who need to eat every few hours.
  • Charge power banks in order to have enough power on your phone for emergency calls, playing candy crush and wasting your data is just going to reduce battery life and cell networks will enjoy you spending your hard earned cash on data and airtime! Don’t buy into spending more on data and airtime!
  • Opt for battery operated candles instead of the normal candle, as it’s safer for all.
  • If you load shedding during the day and there’s light, you can go to the gym, enjoy that work out, read that book, meditate and write your gratitude lists.
  • Pick a few fun topics to chat about with family, this creates a strong family bond, keeps the lines of communication open.
  • Use the time to reflect on your day and listen to others.
  • Music is a great soother, listen to uplifting tunes.

This is probably the hardest to overcome: avoid getting angry with others around you, as this causes more stress and conflict when we take out our frustrations on family and friends, rather let’s find ways to be calm and patient with our loved ones.

Would love to hear your suggestions, can you contribute or add some tips for our readers? Comment below.

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  1. misspretorius

    Love these tips! Whether we like it or not, it’s happening so we might as well make the most of it.

  2. lameez

    Great tips!

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