How to Save Resources & Rands

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So this idea just popped up and you if you know me I was called to write it now and publish. How did this thought make it to this post well I have been questioning so many scenarios over a week ago I was wondering how can we possibly make an impact now and set the trend to see the benefits later, these are some of the ideas that came up in my quiet time of reflection.

Saving Resources and energy at this time is vital, we give a lot of our energy to so many situations without realizing it, whether it’s long meetings online, a disagreement, a strategy session, long coaching sessions, we have to take a time out in between all of this and save some energy for ourselves! Take a nap, walk barefoot at home, spend time in your garden recharge again. Learn to put up stronger boundaries and say no to things taking too much energy when it becomes overwhelming.

Taking care of our environment, how about not throwing your take away bags and cool drink cans out the window when driving or littering? Ever wonder how much damage that can cause? Take time to be mindful of our actions, these habits can be picked up by others so why not teach by example and do the right thing and don’t litter, smokers how about using the ashtray in your car to put out your cigarette, throwing it out your window can be detrimental to a child picking it up and eating it.

Save water and only use as much as required, running taps while washing dishes is a no go, and extended showers and baths for more than 15 min is wastage, let’s be mindful of our usage.

Recycle where possible, recycling bins are marked with paper, plastic, glass. The small action to pop it into that required bin is making a huge difference.

Saving Rands here a few tips:

  • Ensure your chargers are unplugged when not in use, all electrical appliances are switched off, this will reduce your electricity bill.
  • Manage the amount you spend of plastic bags, rather purchase a bag that is reusable and strong for packing your groceries.
  • Upcycle where possible instead of purchasing various containers to store your spices and foods, look at investing in glass bottles that can be reused.
  • You can wash and re-use tomato sauce bottles, jam jars, safer than plastic from a hygiene perspective.
  • Cook at home, this can save a lot of rands, you can cook extra for the next day too.
  • Only buy what you need, that pair of heels ladies do you really need another? How about saving that cash for later.
  • Staying on top of trends often means collecting more clothing, accessories than needed, have a sale sell or swop items, wash and sanitize first.
  • Try your luck at planting herbs and veggies, this can save a lot of rands.
  • Save your Rands and energy ask yourself before buying an item do I really need it?
  • Purchase skincare and make up that you will use and not items that collect dust, it’s wasted rands.
  • View your Rands as a gift and spend it wisely, it’s not about being thrifty, rather about spending with awareness.

Share your tips with me, how do you save on rands and resources?

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