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How to live Sustainably

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Grow your own herbs some mint from my garden

What does it mean to live Sustainably? “Sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of Mother Earth’s natural resources and personal resources. Practitioners of sustainable living often attempt to reduce their carbon footprint by altering methods of transportation, energy consumption, and diet.

  • Save water, reduce your time in the shower, you can still enjoy a shower twice a day reduce your time in the shower to 6 minutes at a time, cut down on the amount of laundry you do, you can wear certain items of clothing more than once before washing.
  • Purchase products with less packaging, when you go shopping become more aware of what you consume and purchase, as this ends up in landfills and further contaminated the environment.
  • My favorite one is using your own reusable shopping bags when you go out shopping. I have been doing this for almost 4 years now.
  • Unplug your devices when not in use as this draws power and is wasteful increasing your electricity bill.
  • Switch your wi-fi router off, as well as switch your phone off or on airplane mode, when you going to bed this saves power as well as reducing EMF frequency while you are asleep.
  • Spend more time engaging in creating artwork coloring in, painting, reading books, meditation and time in the garden reducing your reliance on entertainment that requires energy and electronics.
  • Start using natural cleaning material for your surfaces, this will reduce the amount of chemicals going down our water supply.
  • Become more aware of where you are driving to, reducing the carbon footprint on the fuel you are using, reduce your errands in order to be more sustainable.
  • Love this one, been doing this for over a decade already! change your lightbulbs so that they are energy saving, using natural light this will reduce your energy resources.
  • Living a more minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean you have nothing! This means you only buy what you need, ensure you are able to recycle this or donate items you no longer use, to avoid clutter in your space, be more mindful of the items you purchase and use it to the maximum, support local, use your local dressmakers to create clothing that fashionable and long lasting. Don’t buy things for the sake of it only to sit with junk and clutter.
  • Create a community garden if possible or contribute to one, use your space in your complex to start this up and share produce and herbs with your community, something I have started last year. It’s so rewarding to share with others.
  • Support local eat at places that are eco conscious rather than big chain stores that don’t care about our environment. Support local farmers who don’t use plastic and extra packaging.
  • Only purchase what you going to use, this will save resources as well and keep you financially sound.
  • Drink tap water with a filter on this will reduce the amount of water we buy in bottles.
  • Recycle and upcycle where possible, reuse glass jam jars for storing your spices, seeds, grains.
  • Plant seeds, grow your own veggies, plants, flowers, herbs.
My baby spinach
Organic cocktail tomatoes

Loved sharing my ideas with you, would love to hear from you. Xxx

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