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Healthy Lip Care

Caring for your pout is essential, how often do you exfoliate, moisturize?

Lip care Routine to maintain Healthy Lips:

  • Use a gentle lip scrub once a week, this can be made using Himalayan pink salts, olive oil, rinse off in the shower, apply a lip balm of your choice. Coconut butter is a great choice to apply before bed.
  • Drink plenty water, this allows your skin to stay hydrated.
  • Apply lip balm regularly.
  • Ladies you can apply lip balm before you apply your lipstick.
  • Purchase high quality lip balms to maximize the moisture.
  • Try different lip balms till you find one you love.

I recently tried the new Vanilla Buttercream, Lip Balm from Labello. The sweet vanilla scent is comforting and subtle to the senses.

My lips are hydrated and moisturized and smooth, a lovely product!

Sensitive skins, this product is dermatologically tested. Safe to use on the most sensitive skins.

At R24,99 it’s great value for money.

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    1. NeetaR

      It’s got a creamy texture that’s grown on me.

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