Freedom Park – A Heritage Destination

Freedom Park a heritage destination, located in Pretoria, South Africa.

Visiting this Sacred site over the weekend, was an overwhelming experience to be surrounded by our country’s history, so many endured pain, this is an honour to visit a memorial which stands as a guide to all South Africans on the Route of Hope and Patriotism to a Proudly United Nation.

We joined a Guided tour and knowledgeable Researcher, as he shared this country’s painful history with us.

Freedom Park is the South African tale in the voice of our people, its a combination of our Unique culture, heritage, history and spirituality, this space tells the events that shaped us and why we are who we are today.

The Park is divided into different areas and elements, all are dedicated to a different aspect and serving a specific purpose. 

  • Isivivane
  • S’khumbuto
  • Moshate
  • Uitspanplek
  • Tiva
  • //hapo 
  • The Pan African Archives

It’s highly recommended to visit this site, the view from the top of Freedom Park is breathtaking! 

A visit to Freedom Park is not only liberating, rather a spiritual and inspirational experience!


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