Forum Homini & Roots Restuarant 

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Forum Homini Boutique Hotel is situated in the Cradle of Humankind. Set within a private game estate this, 5 star hotel offers a unique luxurious cave style experience. 
Forum Homini appealed to me as there is wealth of history embedded into the walls, through the artwork and layout. There’s something very special about the Cradle of Humankind.

One of the most inspiring artworks is found boldly at the entrance of Forum Homini, signifying the evolution of Humankind, this metal sculpture created by Marco Clanfinelli.

The unique hand symbol used as keys to represent humanity, and coded in the form of patterns for each room.
As we walked towards our room we where given a orientation of the Hotel, a sense of calm prevailed as soon as I saw the doors that opened up onto the deck, where we could sit outside and read, or gaze at the wildlife just meters ahead.

Not to mention the luxurious room  with a bath and private lounge where you can relax and watch tv or catch up on your reading, or have an outdoor shower! With a magical view of the sun or at night the moonlight.

After taking a breather at the pool we headed back to the room to indulge, yes it was coffee time and some relaxation was in order, this for me meant taking it all in.

Dinner was booked for 7pm sharp and we where in for a treat as Chef Bianca, was creating a magical fusion in her kitchen!

The dinner at Roots resturant is a unique fine dining expierience with a South African twist. My pescatarian dietary requirements where met as my tastebuds went into foodie wonderland!

A beautifully constructed risotto, with cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.

For the wine lovers, you can participate in a wine pairing, or enjoy a glass of unique blends. There are many options to choose from.

Desserts don’t have to be over the top or send your sugar levels off the charts, kiwi mojito a healthy take on something sweet left me feeling no guilt! The chef is open to cater your dietary requirements and there’s something to suit every palette.
 The hospitality was outstanding throughout our stay, Forum Homini is highly recommended for a relaxation destination, weddings and conference packages are available. Along with the Roots resturant an absolute must!

For bookings:

  • Forum Homini: 011 668 7000

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