Forti’s Collaborates with Haagen-Dazs 

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This week was an exciting one as I had the opportunity to experience so many exciting meals, meet the most inspirational people, experience sensational Opera live!
Forti Grill and Bar, teamed up to form an exciting collaboration with Haagen-Dazs this past week, I was initially a bit nervous to wrap my mind around Luxurious meals paired with ice-cream, guess what? it worked! The food was delizzio!

A Prawn twist paired with 2 Haagen-Dazs flavours.

A celebration of salmon, paired with vanilla ice cream, mash, micro herbs.

Salted caramel, exquisite with popcorn.

A bittersweet ending to an evening we didn’t want to end! A lemon tart, paired with cream, crumble and strawberry, a scoop of Haagen-Dazs, this was a personal favorite!

A handful of foodies were choosen to try this mindblowing concept, every meal was paired with this creamy, dreamy ice-cream.

This dreamy martini was decadent, garnished with an edible flower.

One of the many highlights were the opera singers, showcasing their talent, we were treated to entertainment by Forti himself performing live!

 Fortunato the Owner, creative genius, has a passion for Art, wine, food, music and Haagen-Dazs. 

The Brand manager of Haagen-Dazs, Monica, took this concept of something new and exciting to a different level, our palettes were awoken in the most exciting way!

Wine, along with first class cuisine made the evening a memorable one! The Epicentre a smooth Red wine in a class of its own, I will return for this!

Forti Grill and Bar is aesthetically appealing in every way, from the look and feel, the food, staff, energy in this space.

This resturant is located in the Times Square casino, Menlyn Pretoria.

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