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Flexitarianism what is it?

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Eating styles and habits vary, at times our bodies crave sugary sweet foods other times it craves salty meaty foods.

Growing up in a family of health conscious parents and grandparents, we ate meat, mainly chicken, fish, lamb and veggies of course. This was normal until I became complete vegetarian for a few years, tossing all meat away, before you know it I became anemic, and the doctor advised I have to eat chicken and fish at least, this was a hard pill to swallow, as I was adamant to not go back to non veg food. Long story short, I reintroduced chicken and fish into my eating, it was tough and my body took a few months to adjust. I felt stronger for a while.

Just 2 years ago my body couldn’t break down the chicken or meat any longer, this caused endless digestive upsets, acidity and any fried foods had to be avoided, this lead to me becoming a pescatarian, strange word right, sounds like I eat Insects or pests right? The term pescatarian is given to those who eat eggs and seafood.

Back to flexitarianism, it’s a label given to anyone who eats meat occasionally if and when they feel like it, it’s almost like a craving of sorts, when you feel for something specific you reach for it. It’s a healthier lifestyle for many as it allows you to eat balanced and not eat meat daily.

Be flexible in your eating habits, it’s important to be aware of what we eat as well.

There is no right or wrong or judgement on what you eat, as long as you feed your body what it requires. Each body type is different, all our digestive systems are unique, eat what works for you!

Eat well, be happy xxx

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