Exploring Thailand 

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Thailand is one of the most amazing destinations, I had the opportunity to visit here’s why:

In June 2015, my parents, brother and myself decided to visit Thailand as a family. 

We went to the following destinations: Bangkok, Chiang Mai & Phuket.

Having a travel agent makes all the difference. we used the services of Rashmi Raga from Travelicious.

Bangkok is all about the city life, it feels like it never sleeps, the trains and tuk tuks operate very efficiently, there’s so much to see and for the foodie, every kind of food you can think of is available, the streets are called Soi and go according to numbers, this makes it easy to navigate. There are plenty of tailors on almost every corner, the locals can tailor make almost anything you desire, from suits to custom dresses and jackets.

Temples, malls, animal sanctuaries, markets and massage spas are in abundance in Bangkok.

The Spa’s are plentiful and the authentic Thai massage is a must! The massage treatments are affordable, relaxing and invigorating, we had a number of massages on our trip.

The shopping malls are huge, clean and caters for all budgets. My favourite had to be shopping in the markets, the most beautiful handmade trinkets can be found there. I came across paper lanterns, hand painted as well as soap carved into flowers.

Every part of this journey was planned carefully by our agent, transfers to and from the airport, this meant we didn’t loose a minute of sightseeing and were able to explore to the max!

One of my most precious memories had to be in Chiang Mai, as we ventured on a tour to see all the handcrafts from wood carving to umbrella making, my moment was at the top of the golden temple called Doi Suthep, a long winding drive and a cable car to get up there, worth every second once at the top. 

The weather is humid and extremely hot, one of the best tips I was given is to place a wet facecloth on your neck,to keep your body temperature controlled, and yes it certainly worked!

Magical bells at Doi Suthep Golden temple. It’s believed to bring good luck to those who ring it.

Phuket was another great adventure, as we went out to the islands, above a view from the boat as we travelers went out to sea.

The hotels where Luxurious! It felt like I was dreaming, the food and hospitality exceeded my expectations. This was a trip of a lifetime, this post does not do justice to being there and experiencing all of it firsthand.

Exotic fruit, litchis were sweet and easier to peel than it looked.

Thailand is rich is culture and design, I fell in love with this wallpaper on the door of the lift in the hotel in Chiang Mai.

I am certainly going to venture back to Thailand soon.

I would love to hear about your travel adventures, where have you travelled to lately?

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