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Energetic Self-Care

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Happy New Year beautiful souls, taking care of ourselves Energetically is easier than many would have us believe… here’s how to take care of yourself energetically:

Physical & Spiritual Self-Care:

Salt Baths are great to keep the negative energy away, forget the fancy bubble bath and opt for Epsom salts or pink Himalayan salts for your bath, a 15-20 minute soak and trust me you will feel brand new.

Spend time in nature:

Spending time in a garden or visiting a botanical garden or local nursery, brings about a level of calmness, nurtures the soul, the circulation is great to walk around soak up some sunshine, the bright blooms are some of the most cheerful visuals you will experience, adding to an uplifted more relaxed state of mind.

Fresh air and knowing you not there to overthink, rather enjoy the surroundings, grounding your energy helps you to feel more in the present moment. 

Eating well:

Mindful breakfast bowls, keeping those blood sugar levels stable, allowing you to eat with awareness in a calming space, allowing you to focus on eating with putting your devices down for a while to enjoy a nourishing bowl, put on some music and sit outside and indulge, remember to keep hydrated daily this can calm your body reducing hunger, cramps and keeping you healthy.

Eating well can allow a better sleep cycle too, so ensure you eating those leafy green veggies and those fresh fruits, totally worth the hype.

Energetic tools: 

Crystals are a great Energetic tool to carry with you, this calms your energy, great for moments of stillness when meditating, or when sitting at your desk, brings in a higher frequency and calm.

Crystals can be worn or kept in your environment, they are energetic tools, do treat them with respect, for more information on crystals etc. head over to this site

A couple of Energy givers below:

Nourishing foods

Take care of yourself on all levels remember healthy boundaries are good to have as this allows you to feel more in control of your time and your energy. if something doesn’t feel right listen to your intuition its guiding you.

You have what it takes to live a healthy life and take care of your Energy Wisely.

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