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Travel Staycation at Ducks Country House

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Imagine having a Winter picnic in a romantic tranquil setting, just an hours drive South outside of Johannesburg, Ducks Country House is situated in Henley on Klip, here are a few reasons I fell in love with this space:

  • Fresh ingredients are bought supporting local farmers in the area, sustainability is a huge factor in this community, from recycling to supporting local communities.
  • Tranquil setting, the sounds of nature, the ducks on the river when you wake up in the morning is priceless.
  • The hospitality meets the South African standard of kindness on all levels here!
  • The food is an absolute must try, Esther shared a couple of tips with me on her lasagna, was kind enough to share her baked Apple Cake recipe with us.
  • The picnic had to be one of the highlights with a beautiful setting at the BOMA, privacy is taken into consideration as only 1 picnic is booked at a time, this way you can enjoy those deep conversations with each other, feel like you on your very own private vacation.
  • All protocols are in place from the time you enter, temperature check, sanitize, fill in a form or two, along with your breakfast form, some delicious options on the breakfast form.
  • The log cabins are cozy fitted with a tv, heater, wi-fi if you really need to check your phone chances are you don’t need to be sure to grab a good book, relax.
  • Dietary requirements are catered for on request.
  • Sustainable Travel friendly establishment.


Esther the amazing Cook.


A Mouthwatering delicious spinach and feta quiche, served with a salad.


A glass of Red wine to warm up on a Chilly Winters day.

Would I recommend a stay here? definitely!

Continue supporting Local Tourism when possible, by giving back to our Local Communities, we uplift each other and Sustain Job creation, would love to Connect with you, Join in on my Journey on my Social Media channels, links on my site.


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