Discovering Hidden Gems in Africa with Travelstart

Traveling is the most profound experience you can have, and talk about for a lifetime! These stories of your adventures will inspire your family, friends, children and grandchildren.

The adventures, cultures, cuisine, sightseeing, shopping along with meeting new people.

Africa is a must on every travelers list, the culture and diversity along with the picture perfect sunsets! luscious landscapes are beyond breathtaking, if you a foodie there’s an abundance of cuisine to suit every palate.

I was pleasantly surprised when I took the Travelstart quiz, my secret travel destination came up as, Namibia.

It’s a destination on my list for sure!

We all have a preference, some of us are memorized by sunsets, while others are called by the ocean, the sounds of the crashing waves breaking, not to forget the bush babies who enjoy the safari.

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  1. Ajita

    My quiz result said South Africa! Thx for the great info!

    1. NeetaR

      More exploration of South Africa ?? for you ?

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