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Dinner Time Stories

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First time in South Africa, Dinner Time Stories, A Innovative 4D show, that transforms the room into a powerful travel journey, that takes you through the route of Marco Polo, a flavorful 6 course dining experience. A gastronomic experience, as the worlds smallest Chef Le petit shares his culinary adventure with you.

Authentic imported props, give the story an authentic look and feel for the culinary journey, you embark on, meeting new people along with adding a wine pairing to your dining experience, makes it all the more fun.

Dietary requirements are catered for, fun for the whole family ages 8+ upwards.

This animated optical illusion is magical! using techniques to project Le Petit Chef on your plate.

The meals are not just eye candy, a 6 course meal is served on each adventure, the meals are flavorful and mouthwatering, you definitely won’t leave there hungry. The generous hospitality adds to the experience. An absolute must try!

If you haven’t booked you have till mid June to enjoy this experience.

Thank you for hosting us for an exquisite experience! Loved it!

Venue: Quartermain Hotel, 60 West Rd South, Morningside, Sandton

Visit the website for booking info:

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