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Confessions of a Beauty Therapist let’s spill the beans…

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Its been a while since I wrote on this platform, and since we are heading into the silly season I thought I would share a story with you. Seeing that we all love a good story.

My journey as a Cosmetologist/ Beauty therapist began in 2005 once I completed my internationals and nationals in this what seems to now be a billionaire industry, I didn’t know where the journey would take me, after graduating in 2006, the hard work began and the title of therapist look on a whole new meaning.

The blessing this journey has brought has been nothing short of incredible, meeting local celebrities, working in 5 star spas, starting my own threading mobile service, working for Estée Lauder in retail behind a counter, that taught me a lot about stock take it took my level of responsibility to a whole new level! becoming a spa manager, I no longer work directly in the industry, I do continue to review skincare products, keeping up to date on the latest advancements the industry has to offer.

Now back to the title…

I must have had thousands of coffees till this moment, working in the industry can be amazing as well as daunting.

  • Advantages of being a Therapist what I most enjoyed
    • Meet the most amazing people along with the best therapists you meet along the way.
      You gain an understanding that you are more than just someone giving a treatment, you become a confidant and a friend to your clients.
      You are constantly learning about new products, training on various product lines.
      You learn so much about yourself and others.
      Treatment swops I miss those, therapists take turns on each other to exchange massages, facials, waxing, this gives us not only a treat, we can give each other pointers on which area to improve on.
      Opportunities to work in different cities, locations such as on cruise liners, on a game reserves, exclusive spas.

    Disadvantages of being a Therapist what I don’t miss…

    • Working hours is the reason I left the industry, with just one weekend off a month working on a Sunday while declining every invitation from family and friends, they got tired of me saying sorry I’m working yet again.
    • Long hours standing, that’s a prerequisite if you work behind a make up counter in retail, I don’t miss that for sure! We used to receive warnings if we were caught sitting on a chair.
    • Earnings of a therapist is measured by a small basic salary, the extra income you make is based on your ability to sell as much retail to clients, the ugliness of others trying to fight for the commission of the sale. Selling your client something they don’t really require just to make that sale.
      Considering taking out insurance for your hands is actually a real thing, developing carpal tunnel after years of massage, as well as those varicose veins from the long hours of standing.
      Working in the service industry is almost the same as being in the hospitality industry, you have to smile and be cheerful even if you not feeling well, often have to tolerate rude clients.

    Beauty tips from me…

    • Skincare is my absolute favorite and I would choose good quality skincare, get into a routine that works for you, for me it’s skincare vs make up any day, it’s important to ensure your skin is taken care of before spending hundreds on make up to cover up, when you can treat the skin, wear less make up.
    • Always remove your make up before bed, use good make up removers, as this will prevent clogging your pores.
    • Always wear sunscreen, I can’t stress this enough, we underestimate the rays of the sun.
    • Wear lip balms that contain sunscreen in spring and summer.
    • A homemade salt scrub leaves you skin feeling fresh and brighter. Comment below if you would like my homemade scrub recipe.
    • Less make up more treatment for your skin.
    • Use an exfoliator at least twice a week, for more sensitive skins you can get away with once a week.
    • Apply a mask at least once a week, this draws out the impurities from you skin.
    • Drink plenty of water, your skin and body will love you for it.

    It’s been an interesting journey this far, I wouldn’t change anything as this part of my career truly moulded me in so many ways, it’s an honor to still be part of an industry that provides women and men the ability to feel more beautiful and confident. hope you enjoyed the read.

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    1. rosh sevenundan

      Please can I have the face scrub receipe.Thank you Neeta. Loved your story.

      1. NeetaR

        Thank you Rosh will definitely be sharing it soon, check out Loveartbyneeta on Instagram, will do a video xxx

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