Colour Art therapy 

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It’s been ages since I wrote a post there’s been so many exciting opportunities on there way and I will be here to share this knowledge and colourful opportunities with you.

Colour Art therapy is very beneficial to our daily lives as we eat, drink, wear and surround ourselves with colour on a daily basis. Allow me to teach you how to incorporate Colour into your daily living space and allow Colour to guide you. 

The benefits of Colour art therapy:

  • Increased creativity 
  • Balancing emotional, mental and physical 
  • More energy and vitality 
  • Promotes wellbeing 

Colour therapy meanings:

  • Red: life – dynamic, primal, strong, determined, survivor.
  • Orange: health – active, sharing, extrovert, constructive, sociable.
  • Yellow: intellect – cheerful, confident, cheerful, optimistic, sunshine.
  • Green: harmony – open hearted, peaceful, lover of nature, freedom, growth.
  • Sky blue: communication – loyal, calming, peaceful, protective, love of beauty.
  • Indigo: integrity – bravery, decisive, courageous, strong intuition.
  • Violet: higher consciousness – clear thinking, focused, powerful, inspiring.
  • Silver: celebration, links to spirit, uplifting, inner power.
  • Gold: completion – gold is completion, knowledge, wisdom, spiritual abundance, true knowing.

For a more in depth Colour art therapy session contact me to explore your creative side and allow your best to shine through by attending a Colour art workshop, this includes art materials and a mini Colour reading, you will be advised on which colours to wear and eat and knowledge on how to use the colours specific to you.

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