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Coffee Conversations with Neeta ☕️

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Hello beautiful souls, thank you for visiting my page, if you didn’t already know I have started a Coffee Conversations with Neeta on Instagram, these videos are interactive and cover different brands, catchups, the main aim you’re wondering; it’s to inspire you, motivate you, mostly to uplift you and have a laugh with me.

Always on the lookout for quality Coffee, what determines a good quality cuppa in case you wondering, a well balanced cup of coffee is determined though a process.

  • Good quality coffee beans
  • Good quality roasting beans
  • Good brewing

Weather conditions, soil, altitude, and the quality of the bean as well as the variety of the coffee bean.

Next time you take a sip of your coffee think of the delicate process the coffee bean goes through before it gets to your cup, coffee lovers enjoy the aroma and Flavor, the complexity of a balanced Coffee.

The best way to drink Coffee and experience the full flavor profile is to enjoy it without sugar and milk.

Tune into my Instagram for videos and updates on my coffee finds.

@loveartbyneeta on Instagram

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