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Calming Sensitive Skins with Dermalogica

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Dermalogica introduced two new products at the media launch last week, this is exciting news for Sensitive skins.

Forming part of the Ultracalming range two new editions:

  • The calm water gel, a cleanser with a light and soothing feel on the skin, this was the highlight of the morning, just when I thought, great I have a cleanser that can calm 76% irritations, contains no artificial ingredients. We were introduced to another product,
  • The morning got a whole lot more exciting with the Barrier Defense Booster, this product is soothing its main benefits to Relive, Hydrate and Restore the skin.

Dermalogica a cosmeceutical brand I trained with and used on my clients, has evolved, continues to stay true to Jane’s legacy of Education, Personalization, Human Touch.

Key ingredients in these products: Oat Oil, Squalane, Tumeric

Plant oils are used to give effective results.

Healthy foods at the launch, eating a balanced diet allow the products to work effectively and promote healthier glowing skin.

These new products, will be available on in South Africa in the first week of March 2018.

Follow the hashtags to keep up with these new editions.

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