Bloggers Vs Influencers according to Neeta

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After mixed feelings and calculated decisions on whether to write this post or not, well I guess writing it won hands down!

This post is not aimed at any specific persons, it’s an honest opinion.

Bloggers definition: An individual who posts and writes content in a creative personal capacity, from their own viewpoint. Bloggers do a lot of research and spend many hours planning there posts, often put up their own content, rather than putting up a press release, this is a no brainer, it’s not what the readers want. Images, writing and editing a blog post can take hours at times.

Influencers definition: An individual who is looking for brands to work with and monetize at the highest bidder. Generally an individual who will promote anything with fair exchange. Posts only on 1 or 2 platforms without writing posts. The danger in this is working with any brand, instead of supporting a handful of brands they have trust in. Influencers get away with not contributing to a blog post when attending events.

In order to grow the Blogging community in South Africa, it’s important to support each other on each other’s journey. Follow, subscribe, comment, this allows a Blogger to expand. Don’t follow those who are not supporting you. It’s pointless! Pick at least 10 bloggers you love and support them.

There are some amazing bloggers and Influencers out there, be sure to Collaborate with individuals who are honest about what they promoting. Giving an honest opinion about products, services and merchandise is very important to consumers reading the posts. Don’t paint a pretty picture, give constructive criticism rather than promoting all as amazing!

Content is key to a successful blog, if you unsure of what to focus on ask your readers, followers what they would love to see more of.

Bloggers and Influencers spend a lot of money on attending events, paying for parking and fuel, often expected to do work for free, this isn’t acceptable, value the creatives as they make a huge impact on the media world.

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  1. Spirited Mama

    Love this. Well said Neeta! Somehow some people think content miraculously just appear on a blog. It is time consuming and takes a lot of planning, hard work and just good old effort.

    And then of course we have some experienced bloggers and influencers who think they are the bees knees but hey each to his own I suppose.

    1. NeetaR

      Thank you, so many opportunities for us all, valuing bloggers is so important though.

  2. NeetaR

    This is very true, thank you for your comment.

  3. Ajita

    It is unethical to promote what you are not sold on, definitely support those who take the time and effort to sample things, research the pro’s and con’s and then promote. Integrity is crucial for your long term success and keeping your followers trust in your posts. Thx Neeta for the insight!

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