Best Romantic Destinations

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Romance is in the air, whether you are a hopeless romantic or not, traveling with the one you love can be an exciting experience if planned well.

My ultimate idea of romantic destinations have to be the following, let me know if you agree or disagree.

  • Paris
  • Greece
  • Cape Town
  • Venice
  • Switzerland

February the month of Love, giving and receiving, a time to reflect on spending quality time with the one you love, showing appreciation through travel is one of the best surprises you can gift to your Partner, it’s about creating memorable experiences rather than purchasing gifts that are forgotten.

Romantic sunsets in Portugal – image supplied
Barcelona architecture – image supplied

A great start is planning your trip and choosing the destination that’s perfect for you both, whether you are keen on a local or international destination, ask yourself which appeals to us the most as a couple, is it the Ocean, sounds of the waves crashing and sipping on something refreshing as you gaze into the sunset, or are you keen on being surrounded by blue skies mountains and greenery, taking long walks holding hands and exploring hiking trails.

Are you a fan of taking long or short flights? this determines how far you and your partner are willing to travel to.

Adrenaline junkies love fun activities if that gets your blood pumping, bringing you closer to the one you love, you will find awesome packages on the Travelstart site.

Your partner maybe keen on something different such as a meditation retreat and some sightseeing, before heading out to another city.

Travelstart has an option for everyone, catering to your every requirement.

A cruise is a great way to unwind and relax.
A fantastic variety of onboard dining.

For those who prefer to travel locally Johannesburg, South Africa is a city that’s filled with historical places, a vibrant city, diverse in culture, authentic African foods, along with a variety of Romantic restaurants to visit, romantic sites and Luxurious accommodation. Breathtaking views in and around the city, the bonus of traveling locally, you can drive a few hours to game reserves, or a romantic hideaway in the form of a luxurious boutique hotel.

Luxurious hotel view from
The Palazzo suite.
Romantic moments in Madrid – image supplied
Enjoying a cuppa on a romantic getaway.
Breathtaking views from Northcliff Hill
Taking a time out to reconnect.

It’s important to nurture your relationship and celebrate the small as well as the big victories, taking a time out, off social media and spending time actively participating in fun activities, listening to your partner, and simply enjoying being present on your getaway together.

I’m currently lusting on these romantic destinations:

  • Portugal
  • Paris
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Turkey
  • Istanbul

Where are you planning to travel to? And why would you visit a specific destination?

Would love to hear your top 3 list of romantic travel destinations you are lusting and dreaming about.

Traveling is an opportunity to explore different cultures, cuisines, and sites, it’s a great way to stay connected an opportunity to meet new people and share authentic experiences.