Beauty Empowers – Here’s how…

It’s way past women’s month, I know, so many ideas rushing through my mind, so many concepts, thoughts, what’s this all about? I kept asking until I realized As women we have so much potential why aren’t we using it?

It’s been an intense year of finding myself once again, a year of highs and lows, I keep wondering how can I make a contribution to other women, how can I make a change?

With a society of body shaming, crazy social media bullying, low self image, I realized I don’t want to contribute to those who choose that negativity anymore! We have to build one another up, be honest and loving to each other. No more fake behaviors from others. We really choose what to accept from others. Let’s be treated lovingly by other women!

Here’s how:

This is a new brainchild I have been working on, creating a community of like minded women to share with one another.

I will be creating a platform on social media for women to comment and share kindness, on a regular basis, this is to encourage, build one another up, this is for you! The aim is to respect one another from all nationalities, appreciate beauty, we are all beautiful and have something to contribute, be it a skill, a gift, a profession.

If this is something you interested in kindly contact me.

Here’s to sharing, uplifting women! This is for any lady who’s got a positive mind and attitude, good vibes only!

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